8 of DPAM’s sustainable strategies have been granted the LuxFLAG 2018 ESG label

DPAM Invest B Equities Europe Sustainable
DPAM Invest B Equities World Sustainable
DPAM Invest B Equities NEWGEMS Sustainable
DPAM Invest B Equities Sustainable Food Trends
DPAM L Bonds Government Sustainable
DPAM L Bonds Emerging Markets Sustainable
DPAM L Bonds EUR Quality Sustainable
DPAM Global Strategy L Conservative Balanced Sustainable

Full range of actively managed sustainable sub-funds now labelled

DPAM’s full range of eight actively managed sustainable sub-funds has now received the LuxFLAG label.
The Luxembourg Finance Labelling Agency (LuxFLAG) is an independent, non profit making association created in Luxembourg in July 2006.

The agency aims to promote the raising of capital for the Responsible Investment sector by awarding a recognisable label to eligible investment vehicles. Its objective is to reassure investors that the applicant invests, directly or indirectly, in the Responsible Investment sector. The applicant may be domiciled in any jurisdiction that is subject to a level of national supervision equivalent to that available in European Union countries. The label is endorsed by the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Hugo Lasat, CEO of DPAM: “We are pleased that the full range of our actively managed sustainable sub-funds has now been acknowledged by an independent and external specialist, following thorough vetting. Indeed, an external audit firm is involved in the review process in order to reinforce the labelling procedure. Our clients may now choose from sustainable investment solutions in the field of European and global equities, OECD & EUR Investment Grade corporate bonds and emerging market bonds, balanced management as well as two avant-garde thematic investment solutions (NEWGEMS and Sustainable Food Trends).”

Ophélie Mortier, Responsible Investment Strategist at Degroof Petercam AM, contends: “Sustainable Investment at DPAM is the result of a continuous learning curve dating back to 2002. Thanks to sizeable investments in internal and external resources and knowhow and strong investor demand, AuM in this segment have grown to €3.3bn as per the end of May 2018. We do believe that momentum for sustainable investment will remain strong. LuxFLAG is a partner that allows us to further develop our sustainable franchise in a credible and consistent way.”

Sachin Vankalas, Director, Operations and Sustainability at LuxFLAG: “We are pleased that DPAM has seen its eight Sustainable Funds labelled by LuxFLAG. This is a token of their solid ESG integration into the investment process as well as an acknowledgement of the transparency to investors, a feature we hold dear at LuxFLAG. We are convinced that this will benefit DPAM and further their growth as a reference player for sustainabel investment on a pan-European level.”

The strategies which are granted the ESG label, must adhere these major criteria:

  • They should clearly describe their ESG strategy and criteria.
  • They must demonstrate how they integrate their ESG strategy and criteria throughout the investment process.
  • The applicant strategies must screen 100% of their invested portfolio according to one of the ESG strategies and standards, and must apply an exclusion policy.
  • The applicant strategies must be fully transparent in terms of their holdings and process towards investors.

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