In the rapidly changing world of finance, consistent performance and innovation are key. As we move through 2023, we find ourselves in a moment of reflection at DPAM. Our DPAM L Bonds Emerging Markets Sustainable fund has recently been recognised by Investment Officer BE as the top-performing fund investing in emerging market bonds in local currencies for the first half of the year. This achievement is significant, not only for its immediate implications but also for what it represents in terms of our team’s dedication and the efficacy of our approach.

This accolade is part of Investment Officer’s monthly ranking that evaluates Belgian funds within specific asset classes. It’s a thorough assessment that draws on detailed performance data over a 1-year period. The ranking methodology incorporates several key indicators such as performance, consistency and methodology to ensure an in-depth and accurate reflection of a fund’s performance.

Michael Vander Elst, our emerging market fund manager, shares his thoughts on this recent success:

“This recognition is a testament to the tireless dedication of our team and the robust strategies we’ve cultivated. Our commitment to leveraging active, sustainable and research-based solutions has set us apart in the field of emerging market bonds issued in local currencies. This is more than just a number one spot, it’s validation of our unique, forward-thinking approach. This recognition fuels our ambition to set the bar higher.“

Find out more about the ranking in the full article on Investment Officer BE.


The DPAM L Bonds Emerging Markets Sustainable fund aims to increment the value of your investment over a medium to long-term horizon, and it does so with a focus on sustainability. Operating independently from any specific index, the fund primarily invests in government and high yield bonds from emerging markets. The strategic use of derivatives serves as both a hedge against market volatility and a way to potentially reduce costs and generate added income.

Figure 1: 10Y performance DPAM L Bonds Emerging Markets Sustainable (F-share)

Source: DPAM 30.06.2023

Our team employs a rigorous process, using macroeconomic, market, and credit analysis to identify securities that offer a potentially favourable return-risk balance. Sustainability is integral to our investment decisions, with factors such as fundamental rights, education, and environmental considerations playing key roles. In line with our commitment to sustainability, we adhere to the SFDR’s Article 9, avoiding issuers that fail to meet international standards or have a poor sustainability profile. Our approach remains focused on diligent analysis, prudent risk management, and a strong commitment to responsible investing.

As an SFDR Article 9 fund, DPAM’s L Bonds Emerging Markets Sustainable Fund balances active investment in emerging market government bonds with steadfast commitment to good governance and the “do no significant harm” principle. For a detailed look into our sustainable practices, explore our Quarterly Sustainability Report.

Investment inherently carries a degree of risk, and our fund is no exception. Keep in mind that the value of your investment can fluctuate, and there’s a possibility of losing a portion or even all of your investment. This fund is categorised at a medium-low risk level (3 out of 7), but poor market conditions could still impact the value of your investment negatively.

Figure 2: Risk Indicator

Source: DPAM 30.06.2023

The risk level of the sub-fund is shaped by the nature of bond investments, which generally exhibit less volatility and risk compared to equities, but more than money market instruments. Additionally, as the fund primarily invests in emerging markets, it carries a higher risk compared to those invested in developed markets. Further risks, not fully encapsulated by the risk indicator, may arise due to factors such as currency exchange rate fluctuations, if your currency differs from the subscription currency of the product. Unforeseen market conditions or events may also exacerbate risks or introduce others, like counterparty, liquidity, and operational risks (a detailed account of these is available in the prospectus). Lastly, during high sell request periods, a sell order may experience delays, potentially affecting the price you receive for your shares. You can find further information regarding the fund, its key objectives, costs and risks in our KID.


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