DPAM ranks 2nd out of 600 responsible asset managers

Key take-aways

    • The H&K Responsible Investment Brand Index 2023 covers 600 asset managers globally.
    • DPAM has always been in the top ten of the ranking since the creation of RIBI.
    • DPAM appears in the index’s ‘Avant-Gardist’ category, above average on Commitment rating and Brand rating.

Brussels, 29 March 2023. DPAM holds the second position in the top 10 of Responsible Asset Managers in Europe, according to Hirschel and Kramer (H&K) Responsible Investment Brand Index (RIBI) 2023. Additionally, it ranks second in the Benelux market. DPAM has been in the top 10 for five years in a row and appears in the index’ ‘Avant-Gardist’ category.

In its fifth edition, the Responsible Investment Brand Index (RIBI™) highlights the ability of close to 600 global asset managers to translate their efforts towards responsible investment into their core brand. The assessment methodology retains the same philosophy as the four previous editions of RIBI. Of note, for the first time, just over half of all asset managers express a raison d’être (‘Purpose’), but less than a quarter link it to societal good.

Only five companies have consistently made it to the Top-10 in each of the last five years. DPAM is one of them. The index allows companies to be classified into four categories: Avant-gardist, which are above-average on Commitment rating and Brand rating; the Traditionalist, who above-average on Commitment rating and below-average on Brand rating; Aspirants, above-average on Brand rating and below- average on Commitment rating, and the Laggards, below-average on both ratings.

DPAM appears in the index’s ‘Avant-Gardist’ category, the top rated category. This category of RIBI Avant-Gardists remains fiercely competitive, with only 19% of companies making the grade this year.

The two RIBI assessment dimensions are:

  • Commitment (vertical, hard factors): five weighted-average criteria, such as the level and quality of engagement and stewardship, and strategy and organisation around responsible investment. The evaluation source is based on the Principles for Responsible Investment Transparency Reports: up to 300 parameters are factored in to make up the five top-level criteria of the Commitment rating.
  • Brand: (horizontal, soft factors): eight criteria, such as the expression of a Purpose statement, and expression of a value system, link to societal ambitions. This evaluation is based on research and subject expertise.


Peter De Coensel, DPAM CEO, comments: “This year’s report illustrates the remarkable resilience and progress made by our industry. Asset managers have a unique chance to direct capital flows and contribute to a better world. Our DPAM brand is a genuine, authentic expression of our commitment to responsible investing. This commitment is embedded in our investment activities and solutions. Our activities as a responsible investor, next to our proprietary, in-house, fundamental and quantitative research, form the foundation of our firm’s asset management activities. We thank RIBI for their recognition of our continued dedication to our values and principles. It is a real tribute to our teams’ hard work and commitment to sustainable development. Our societal purpose and ambition is shared across by all colleagues. As committed member to the NZAMi we shoulder governmental and corporate transition and transformation strategies and targets.

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