A Shared Understanding of Sustainability

The Sustainability Knowledge Centre opens DPAM’s sustainable investment expertise to the broader public.


    • To facilitate access to the digital platform and maximise its global impact, DPAM’s seven sustainable episodes are available in six different languages.

    • After its launch in 2019, the platform has recently received a major update to reflect the latest regulatory developments on sustainable investments.

    • The Sustainability Knowledge Centre will continue to expand into the future, and will add six additional episodes to its library in 2021.

DPAM’s Sustainability Knowledge Centre, available in six languages (EN, NL, FR, DE, IT & ES), gives its audience an easily-accessible, and in-depth overview of the core mechanics of sustainable investment. Developed during 2019 by DPAM’s Responsible Investment Competence Centre (RICC), the platform has recently been updated to reflect the latest developments in regulation within the framework of sustainable investments

The platform currently covers seven sustainable investment-related topics: It starts off by familiarising the reader with some key concepts and definitions, before diving into the most important regulatory drivers behind the sustainable movement. Next, it looks at sustainable investment on a portfolio level and discusses country sustainability analysis. It then tackles climate change, the sustainable development goals (SDG) and the search for impact. The final part expands on shareholder engagement. These seven episodes should give the reader a global overview of the key concepts of sustainable investment, covering both the basics and the finer points.

The latest update gives a clear and updated overview the EU’s focal shift towards sustainability in recent years. It now covers topical subjects like: The Green taxonomy (an EU-wide classification system for companies and investors), The EU Green Deal (the EU’s roadmap for implementing its environmental objectives) and the regulation on sustainability-related disclosure in the financial services sector. To get a more in-depth overview of these recent changes and the overall state of sustainable regulatory developments, click on the following link and access all reports from our Sustainability Knowledge Centre.

In the future expansion of the platform, the RICC will tackle topics, such as how to achieve a responsible investment approach in carbon intensive sectors (airlines, cement, autos, etc.). They will also pay attention to the Social pillar in ESG, diving into labour risks in the supply chain and the role of Human Capital and other stakeholders. The new challenges of Sustainable Investing will also be covered in this forthcoming update planned to be launched in 2021.

DPAM’s investments and activities go beyond financial performance. Its core principles combine financial objectives with its role as a sustainable actor. In this regard, the Sustainability Knowledge Centre is fully in line with DPAM’s ongoing commitment to sustainability: It fully reflects the company’s focus on providing an optimal service to its clients and creating a long-lasting and meaningful societal impact.


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