DPAM FY 2020 business results: another record year of growth & net new cash

  • DPAM (Degroof Petercam Asset Management) publishes its business results for the second half (H2) of 2020.
  • DPAM books record net inflows for the fifth consecutive year.
  • Assets under management increase 10% to EUR 43.3 billion in 2020.
  • Assets of sustainable strategies more than double.
  • DPAM’s international strategy pays off with fast geographic diversification of inflows.
  • New investments by institutional clients (EUR 2.5 billion) contribute the most to asset growth.
  • Growth was recorded across all asset classes such as global equities and bonds.

About DPAM

DPAM is an independent active asset management firm and manages investment funds as well as discretionary mandates on behalf of institutional clients, for a total amount of € 43.3 billion, as of December 2020. DPAM is a sustainable investor, pioneer and innovative in responsible and sustainable investing. The firm integrates ESG across asset classes and themes and it is also an active owner. DPAM has a strong focus on research with a proprietary in-house fundamental and quantitative analyst team, supporting the firm’s asset management activities.

International contact:
Tomás Murillo
Head of International Sales
+32 2 287 92 71

Patricia Mast
Business Strategy Advisor
+32 2 287 98 36

Brussels, 08.02.2021. In 2020, DPAM enjoyed record growth with gross assets under management (AuM) rising 10% to EUR 43.3 billion (31/12/2020 vs. a year ago). If we exclude “double-counting”, the increase is actually a taller 12.2%, leading to total net AuM of EUR 35.1 billion.

Those excellent results were possible thanks to the steadfast commitment of all DPAM people despite the difficult circumstances we witnessed in this peculiar year.

The sources of growth were multiple and diverse. A significant share of the increase, or EUR 2.5 billion, is due to net new investments by institutional clients. All segments, wholesale distribution and end-investors, contributed positively. The alpha generated by the various investment strategies and a positive market effect supplied the rest of the growth.

Growth was most robust in sustainable strategies and was evident across all asset classes, with global equities and fixed income leading the charge. In particular, multi-thematic equity and emerging market debt strategies drew a lot of interest.

Sustainable AuM more than doubled for the year, ballooning from EUR 7.2 billion to EUR 14.9 billion. DPAM’s commitment to sustainability was also once again acknowledged at the highest level when DPAM received the top A+ rating from the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment for the fourth year in a row.

Let us also highlight that efforts deployed to increase the breadth and depth of DPAM’s international presence/ paid off, as inflows from international clients represented over 75% of the growth.

Overall in 2020, DPAM collected record/ net new cash for a fifth consecutive year, with also a five-year record-high contribution from existing and new clients alone.

Hugo Lasat, CEO of DPAM, confirms: “These figures shine even brighter over the long term, when we look back at the transformative merger in January 2016. Since then, DPAM has been able to generate EUR 7.4 billion in net new investments from institutional clients, which, including market effects, led to overall asset growth of about EUR 15 billion.

These results clearly demonstrate the merits of our Active, Sustainable and Research-based approach and comfort us in our mission to consistently provide responsible, high value and cutting-edge investment services to institutional clients”.


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