Five years of observation

Comparison of the top 10 in the Emerging Markets Sustainability ranking – 5 years

In the past five years, India and Indonesia have made particularly good progress in terms of ESG on all dimensions of our model with the exception of the environment. It can also be interesting to look into the evolution of the economies which are the heavyweights in the reference indices for emerging countries. Brazil and South Africa are two examples of such economies. These two countries have declined on sustainability dimensions, mainly in terms of transparency and the environment. These two dimensions have proven to be fragile based on our observations in recent years.

Source: DPAM, May 2018

We now have a full five-year track record in our dedicated Emerging Markets Sustainable strategy, which allows us to draw some conclusions regarding sustainability features of the countries in the universe.

The model has seen constant improvement since its inception in 2013. On the one hand, this is thanks to the improvement of the available data and their quality, notably a consequence of the Millennium Development Goals, which are the precursor to the Sustainable Development Goals. On the other hand, the model has become mature and has been enhanced continuously, particularly through discussions at our think tank, the FISAB, with our external experts. Over the years we have therefore increased the number of criteria within the various sustainability dimensions. This has consequently led to an increase in the number of objective and independent sources of data on various issues.

The strategy continues to exhibit an optimisation of the risk-reward proposition. The sustainability analysis of countries makes it possible to clearly identify investment risks and opportunities based on a holistic and fundamental approach that is independent of market indices. During volatile times, the filter’s contribution becomes more important due to its relatively defensive profile.


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