Patrimonial Expertise

Flexible Solution with low risk

Why a Patrimonial strategy


Long-term wealth appreciation with limited risk


A balanced portfolio broadly diversified over various asset classes


Given the all weather profile, a flexible strategy will adapt to every market situation


It can be considered as the core building block of any diversified portfolio

DPAM’s Patrimonial solution philosophy

Investment process

01Asset allocation or diversification over various asset classes. The manager aims to obtain a good view of the macro-economic backdrop, the market sentiment and the valuation of various asset classes. This enables him to adapt the portfolio to anticipate future evolutions.

02 Security selection within each asset class: the input of the buy-side equity analysts and credit analysts is of key importance. They base their recommendations on in-depth fundamental analysis and on the valuation of equities, bonds and other securities.

03Portfolio construction. The objective is to construct a diversified portfolio, analyzing the correlations in global asset classes’ returns and monitoring the risks related to the securities held in the portfolio. He uses state-of-the-art risk management techniques.

Why DPAM’s Patrimonial solution?

Combination of wealth preservation and gradual wealth increase

Balanced and diversified portfolio

Solid performance with limited volatility

Dynamic risk scaling and Flexible asset allocation: diversification optimization

Active management, optimal use of DPAM’s longstanding experience in asset allocation and security selection, coupled with thorough risk management

A portfolio that benefits from bullish markets, but which is also able to withstand bearish markets


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