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Innovation. Disruption. Sustainable.


An actively managed multi-thematic strategy which invests globally in companies that will shape the society of the future and thereby allowing investors to gain exposure to these companies in a sustainable way.

A thematic fund enables one to concentrate investments in a business segment (renewable energy, artificial intelligence, etc.) with highly attractive potential. This type of funds, typically growth-oriented, can enhance the performance of conventional portfolios made up of generalist funds. In other to contain potential volatility, a multi-thematic strategy can diversify risk across a greater number of sectors while also giving the fund manager access to a larger set of opportunities.


A global equity portfolio with positive bias on the US and mid-caps. We believe that a theme should be pursued worldwide in order to seize potential winners everywhere, while diversifying risk. The US and mid-caps -the segments where innovation thrives the most- are favoured.

Recognising that today’s winners are not always the winners of tomorrow, the team believes innovation is often higher at smaller companies. Furthermore, many themes that will shape the future are not driven by established companies.


The combination of growth and sustainability can enhance long-term returns, potentially due to lower risks. The sustainability approach in the fund is based on a combination of screenings, analysis and engagement and it is conducted in two stages:

The first stage is a typical exclusion stage whereby we exclude companies from our investable universe that do not adhere to the UN Global Compact Principles, or have high controversy levels as defined by MSCI or Sustainalytics. We also exclude tobacco, defense and gambling companies. In the second stage we develop our own proprietary sub-sector-based KPIs, taking into account all ESG components that are relevant for that sub-sector as well as the products those companies make and their impact on society.

The goal of the ESG analyses is not to invest in the best ESG companies, but to avoid the worst. Many (but not all) of the themes we invest in are also sustainable themes, like the move to a more energy efficient society and a more secure one.


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