The next part of the conference was dedicated to the corporate side. The first speaker was Mrs. Bing Zhao, Director Investor Relations & Strategy at Tomra. Through a committed focus on advanced recycling techniques, Tomra has aimed to create both financial value and societal impact by tackling, amongst others, plastic and food waste issues. Driven by policy changes (i.e. regulation), shifting consumer demands and a market pull (i.e. client demand), Tomra is well positioned to benefit from the circular economy trend. This trend moves away from the traditional linear (production) business models which are harmful to our environment. Mrs. Zhao is clearly positive on the future as she sees more and more clients willing to pay a premium for recycled plastics.


The next speaker, Mr. Neil Daws, Managing Director at Spirax Sarco, enthusiastically shared a similar, positive message. As he explained the opportunities provided by industrial steam solutions, Mr. Daws outlined some practical, environmentally-friendly and cost-efficient solutions which Spirax Sarco has offered its clients. With over 40 years of experience at the company, Mr. Daws gave us a convincing example of how sustainability can form the core of a corporate strategy. He stressed that ‘although it can be expensive at first, the benefits definitely outweigh the costs in the medium to long term’.


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