How is the global economy currently impacting the environment? Are we on track to reach the internationally agreed sustainability targets, such as the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals? The first speaker, Mr. Pierre Boileau, presented the UN Environment’s flagship report: the Global Environmental Outlook 2019. The report assessed the current global state of the environment and the effectiveness of the policy response at addressing these environmental challenges. The report focuses on opportunities and positivity, and not solely on risks. Nevertheless, Mr. Boileau was very clear on one thing: it is not yet too late. However, we need to take urgent action, in a systemic manner, to successfully tackle the current environmental challenges. He also stressed the importance of education in the field of sustainability, as it has consistently been a core driver of action among younger generations. This acknowledgement was highly appreciated by the academics in the room, such as the representatives from University College London, KU Leuven and Toulouse Business School.


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